Guest Comments

My wife and I have traveled to many destinations in the world over the years. This April we had  the opportunity to go to Apakabar Villas in Amed, Bali. In one visit, this has become one of our top two destinations in the World to visit. The friendliness of the people and the beautiful surroundings are just amazing. It is a wonderfully peaceful place that takes you back in time. The Villas are a perfect blend of rustic comfort that represent the true feel of the island and are well maintained. The staff goes out of their way to make sure your needs were always taken care of and create a sense of ‘family’ throughout your stay. We quickly befriended some of the local fisherman that keep their boats on the beach in front of the Villas. They generously took us fishing,snorkeling and sailing Balinese style. We visited homes and met their families and got a better understanding of their daily lives. We were also able to enjoy the surrounding country side, hiking in the hills and visiting local markets and various temples. Time stood still during our time on Bali. All of the people we met so impressed us that we  decided to bring our children back so they would have a chance to experience Bali and the people too. We have already booked the Villas for April 2013! I would highly recommend staying at Apakabar Villas and slow life down for awhile. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL

We had a wonderful time. Everyone there was very welcoming and caring, Kadet, Wayan, Adi, Mare, and more.  We played pool and marimba, made reed ornaments and traveled around with them. Not sure Adi fully expected us to join the entire community, squeezing into back seats of caravans heading out to Puta’s family home, but we did, saronged and udunged, at least 2 feet taller than most. Very memorable experience. We committed to Wayan that we wouldn’t mention the event until he did to you. We last left Adi at his family’s threshold with Puta getting used to the idea of a wife and beginning to appear quite happy about the whole marriage thing. Thank you for sharing this part of the world with us.  All in all an amazing trip.

Just wanted to send you an email to let you know what a wonderful time we had at Aka Kabar.  The staff were so warm and hospitable with us – we truly felt welcomed and taken care of.  When we wanted coffee before they opened at 8:00, they arranged for us to rent motor scooters to go into town.  We had so much fun that we rented them for the whole week, always coming back for the tasty breakfasts served by Apa Kabar staff.  The cooking class was a blast – and I think the Komangs had a good time doing it with us.  We have recreated the vegetable and fish curries in our home since we’ve returned.  I can’t emphasize how friendly and accommodating everyone was!  And, they prepared a beautiful dinner for us on our last night. Your place is beautiful. Now when I need to escape and conjure up a relaxing image, I think of floating in the Apa Kabar pool with the sounds of the water fountains and Gamelan music floating overhead – looking out at the clear blue sea and sky.  We would love to go back again some time.  Thanks for making your package available at the NWIRP auction. And thanks for helping me in advance coordinate our plans.  We loved staying at Hotel Cendana in Ubud!

We would like to thank you for an absolutely wonderful week at Apa Kabar. From the beginning, when Ade met us at the airport right on time, through the entire week, your staff took incredible care of us. After arriving at Apa Kabar at 3:00 AM on Saturday, that first day was spent at the pool, moving as few muscles as possible.  After that, Ade took us to TirtaGangga, Besakih, villages, white sand beaches, etc.  The women taught Jena how to make prayer offerings.  We sailed into the sunset, got massages (including a banana wrap for me), and had the ultimate relaxation. After we left we spent 3-4 days in Ubud, at a wonderful family compound, where they also took wonderful care of us. As you did, we fell in love with the island.  We’ll do it again.