On the Ocean

To arrange your dive or snorkel excursion, please email Amed Blue Dive at: Amedbluedive@gmail.com

Diving & Snorkeling

East Bali’s Coral Triangle is a scuba diving paradise that should be included in any and all itineraries to this part of the island. Beginners and professionals alike can immerse themselves in beautiful coral gardens, experience spectacular and bizarre muck diving, view unbelievable walls, and dive the world-famous shipwreck, USS Liberty!

Our Dive Shop

Amed Blue Dive is PADI certified and run by professionals who are on hand to help divers and snorkelers of all levels experience a truly amazing underwater adventure. We offer certification courses, fun dives, nearby shipwreck dives and custom packages.

Fishing & Boating

Colorful fishing boats are all along the beach in Amed. We can arrange a fishing expedition with one of the local fisherman or simply a ride on one of these beautiful boats. Sunset or sunrise is an ideal time to view the coastline with the mountain range beyond.

Balinese Culture

Ubud is Bali’s preeminent cultural center for fine arts, dance and music. It hosts a wealth of shops, restaurants and cafes.. …>

Balinese Massage

Massage in Bali is heavenly and we are fortunate at Apa Kabar Villas to be next door to the delightful massage facility, A Spa. …>

On the Ocean

We offer diving and snorkeling excursions and fishing and boating trips. We also have a dive shop. …>

Hikes and Walks

There are many beautiful hikes and walks right outside your door at Apa Kabar Villas. …>

Motorbike and Bicycle Rental

Motorbikes and Bicycles are a primary form of transport for the Balinese. …>

White Water Rafting

This is a fantastic adventure that we have personally experienced. …>