As east Bali’s major transport terminal, Amlapura is well connected to all parts of the island. It was known as Karangasem until 1963, when the mighty Agung volcano erupted with spectacular force and even more spectacular damage. Karangasem was “reborn” as Amlapura to rid itself of any unlucky association that could provoke a much-feared recurrence. Learn More >


The area is known for outstanding diving, snorkeling, hiking and a relaxed ambiance. The amazing natural beauty and warm and friendly people make Apa Kabar Villas an ideal location for those who wish to experience the authentic Bali, far from the tourist crowds. Learn More >


There are fantastic Hindu temples all over Bali. Some are located within an hour or two from Amed. We suggest that you plan to visit at least one. Please ask our staff for recommendations. The same dress code applies as for attending a Balinese ceremony: sarongs for men and women and at least partially covered arms; short sleeves are fine. Learn More >

Market and Factory

At this very colorful, local and pungent open-air market, you will primarily see Balinese people shopping for their daily food and household items. Stall after stall is filled with utilitarian objects, clothing, women making beautiful flower offerings, colorful and exotic Balinese ceremony items and all sorts of exotic foodstuff. Learn More >

We were also able to enjoy the surrounding country side, hiking in the hills and visiting local markets and various temples. Time stood still during our time on Bali. All of the people we met so impressed us that we  decided to bring our children back so they would have a chance to experience Bali and the people too.

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